Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally… Lolita Update YAY!

20110827 4145
Hiiii everyone!pixel (15)
I just want to post a few pictures from last weekend,
which was Kyla’s birthday (you can see her entry about it in heredeco~otomedojo~1890[3]_thumb[19])
The generous Andrea Baker let us use her condo for this event,
you can find her post about it in here
deco~otomedojo~1890[3]_thumb[15]Kyla looks soooo adorable!deco~otomedojo~1890[3]_thumb[17]
You might not be able to see it but she was wearing a small tiara.
She is a dear friend of mine, we meet at AWA last year and at our first meeting I sprinkled
deco~otomedojo~1821_thumbglitter all over her (I asked for permission tho lol)pixel (197)
Afterwards I found out that apparently she was having a bad day
and somehow…
I made her feel better by sprinkling glitter on her…
Isn’t she just waaaaaay too sweet?? pixel (35)_001
From those of you who has been following my blog more than a year
you might remember my post about my handmade cocktail hats and bonnets and stuff
In this coordinate I wore this hat:
20110827 414820110827 4143
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