Sunday, May 4, 2014

Today's Sugary Carnival Twinsies Meet at the Zoo

I hope everyone is doing fine and is enjoying the weather, don't you just love Spring?! Except if you have an allergy, then it might be the worst season for you -__-) I've heard local honey taken before spring comes really helps a number of my friends!
Today's updates is from the twinsies meet at the zoo, and I had to change my outfit several times because I left a lot of my Lolita items over at my house... ;^;) thecutsews and cardigans that I wanted are still there and I just can't be happy with my coords..
At first I wanted to put a "going to a picnic" kind of look with the big sun hat and a chiffon blouse, and then I changed my mind and put on an AP blouse instead and it ended up being too hot for the weather... V-V)

This is what I had originally.
I will repost this with a picture of what I ended up wearing after Nelson put up the picture later :)
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