Monday, September 19, 2011

I Am ALL Pumped Up for Halloween, and Its Only Sept!

Halloween Coord ver 1 (5)
The picture above is a spoiler for my Halloween lolita coord,
can’t wait till its October OMGGG!!!
On another note,
remember this baby:
Well, I had a chance to use it today!

The dress is from ETC,
I have been wanting it for FOREVER,
and now…
its finally mine MUAHHAAHAHA
This coord is a basically not finished.
I want to change my hair and put on some make-up
that AP jacket is soooo ridiculous, I feel like Cruella when I wear it -hence the pose- LOL
Okay, that’s all the update I have I think…
Good night everyone!deco~otomedojo~1681[141]_thumb[8]

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