Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life update part two - bachelorette, bridal shower, & engagement pictures.

2 more days! I'm soooo excited!!!
There are too many last minute changes and details that needed to be addressed; however, I can't wait for it to be Friday!
Leigh, me, Ashley, Amy (MoH), Jessica
Bachelorette party.
It was really fun & awesome! I honestly barely spent anything mostly because my MoH took my wallet and leave it in the car while she hold on to my ID and credit cards, she is such a good MoH! My friend Jessica had a swollen foot due to an insect bite but she still came to support me and I am really grateful to have her there :) another friend, Leigh, came all the way from Athens, and she is really good about making sure I am having fun! Ashley's banter with Jessica was just priceless, they can come up with witty comebacks right on the spot. She&Jessica can just make funny jokes out of anything!
Look what Jessica drew for me :)

Now for the bridal shower:

Leigh, Jessica, Amber, Dani, Chelsea, Stephanie
Andrea, Amy, Amy (MoH), Leigh
Not pictured: Becky and Phyllis
Bridal shower.
Andrea organized my bridal shower, and thank God she did because I wouldn't be able to have it without her. I ended up having a joint bridal shower; however, it wasn't with my most important and close friends because it was held for me by the ladies at church, so I'm really grateful that Andrea organizes this for me!
She did such a wonderful job, she invited everyone and set everything up! The decor was so cute, and her condo is awesome! Joe (Becky's husband) made all the yummy food:
This is the tart that he made, he also made sandwiches and dips, delicious drinks, and deviled eggs! Mmm they were soooo good!!!
I got soooo many wonderful gifts, thank you friends! ❤❤❤
After the gift unwrap, Becky did a hilarious dramatic reading of what I said when I unwrap the present in and made it to be what I'm saying during the first night, some hilarious ones are:
-"I just don't like the feeling of being choked by anything!"
-"Mmmm, I need more of this!"
XD it was really funny my stomach hurts from laughing!

Btw, my hair appointment from the othwr day went really well :)
I did deep conditioning, a trim, and subtle highlight&lowlight. My hair is now silky smooth and shiny for the wedding! :)

I also did my nails today, yay!

I was going to put some cute pearls and such, but I want them to still be there for the honeymoon, so I skip that idea XD

By the way, here are some engagement pictures that Sooji took:

I will post the video in the next update :)
Thank you for looking!

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