Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More MomoCon Pictures >_<)/

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pix (35) pix (35)
pix (35)
I was so happy this weekend, Momocon was great!
Kim came all the way down from South Carolina and stayed over at my house
pix (24)
I am very happy because I haven’t seen her in a very long time~!
We were allowed to just go around the con by our self,
and we also got to had fun with other lolitas at Sunday >_<)pix (24)
I also met Jessica and hung out with her pix (24)
It was a very fun con!
I wore Twinkle Mermaid JSK on Saturday and Sugary Carnival JSK on Sunday.
Because I just finished making a headdress,
I used it on Saturday (I will put pics up later). pix (24)
On Sunday, I do not have an appropriate headdress,
so I just made up one on the way to MomoCon.
The car ride was pretty smooth, I got sick after a while,
but I get all well when I got to the Con >///<)
pix (35)
pix (35) pix (35)
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