Thursday, August 15, 2013

Still alive, just crazy busy!

Hi all, I've been so crazy busy this past 6 months that I barely can even have the luxury to hang out with my friends, let alone to a Lolita meet 😢
Here is some quick snapshot of what's been going on in my life:

Got engaged :)
Photo by Sooji Kimn (she's so awesome, this photoshoot was her wedding gift to me and I love ALL the pictures she sent me! I was so worried I'm not going to have enough pictures for my wedding sideshow but I don't need to worry anymore!!!

Making my own wedding invite. Amber had warn me against doing this so many times but I really love designing with illustrator and playing with paper, so I still did it anyway 😆
She's right, it takes a LONG time to finish, but the end is so worth it!

Getting make up trial and stuff
This part was actually the hard part, I am finally satisfied by the 3rd trial!

Pick and choose flowers
I finally know what type of flowers I want, I'm so in love with baby's breadth!

Wedding dress shopping, after the 4th store every gown look the same 😣
I finally fell in love with 2 dresses, one is a Maggie Sottero (it needed some repairs though 😞) and a David Tuttera (which I had to take down from a size 8 to my size)

And for the rest I'm going to put in the next post because I have to go to my hair appointment now 😁

❤ you all ❤
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