Friday, January 4, 2013

Life happenings, warning: a lot of pictures!

During the summer, I went... basically allover the place...
It was just me, my mom, and my dad in the beginning, we went to Indonesia.
 This is the hotel that we stayed in during our family reunion, it was on a mountain that people usually go to during their vacation if they live in Yogyakarta.
Later on, my sister joined us after she finished her trip to Japan.
*She bought SO MANY snacks her luggage was overweight just because of them... -__-   * 

At another hotel in Jakarta:

Afterwards, I went to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, etc.
Since it was only me, my sister, and my mom, we couldn't bring a lot of luggage, so we basically have to recycle our outfits... Good thing we are pretty much the same size! We bought a lot of our heels in Germany and France anyway so it is more like we brought half empty suitcases to be filled in with our shopping spree lol
I spent most of my time in Germany because that is where my uncle live. We visited Heidelberg, stayed in  Weinheim for most of the time, stayed in Pirmasens for a day, and also Ostrach for a couple of days. We also visited the original Käthe Wohlfart's store. I want EVERY SINGLE THINGS in that store. Too bad I wasn't allowed to take pictures.

There was also this cute teddies store:
I want to bring him home...

Everywhere you look in that island, you either see flowers, butterflies, or gorgeous architecture...

There was a local party in Weinheim and we dived into it :)

Gorgeous Germany:



Eiffel Tower:

Still in Paris:

I probably should stop here and continue my post in a separate one as to not overload anyone's computer or internet!

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