Friday, January 4, 2013

Second part of "Life Happenings" post & Happy New Years!


One of my friends, Amy, got married this past Fall, and I was invited to her bridal shower and bachelorette party.

We did this game where we basically have to make a wedding dress out of a couple rolls of toilet paper, it was so much fun! My partner was the groom's mother haha
Btw, I won this challenge!!! YAY

Later on, we changed to go to Midtown.

Sorry for the funky lighting, we were inside the limo already.

I also went to D*C and got to meet some of my friends :)
I was out of the country for 3 months and had too much school work before that so there are some of them that I haven't seen in 6-8 months O_o

Afterwards, I visited FL for Thanksgiving.
There was this store that was called Pop 'n Off, it sell a huge variety of flavored pop corn and they were DELICIOUS!

On 12-02, I watched The Faint concert. This was very exciting as they haven't had any concert in a while!

Some random life happenings,

I went to Feed the Hungry foundation's event as a volunteer
We packed TONS of potato to send off.
I also cook creamy sauce with beacon pasta for 100 people because my family was doing this project where we go to midtown/downtown Atlanta and give the food to the less unfortunate people who doesn't have a home to go back to during Christmas.

The week beforehand, I made spaghetti with tomato beef sauce for about 25-30 people and it proved to be not enough so that is why I made so much more for that week. We also made about 150 sandwiches, had 200+ canned soup, 100+ canned fruit, drinks, hygienic packs, etc for them. All in all, I would say it blessed me more than them! I learnt so much from them and from this experience. I encourage anyone who read this post to try and do their own version of sharing. You can just start by making extra lunches to give out or buy 1 or 2 more subs to give out, every little things that you can do to help count a lot for them :)  

Back to random life happenings, 
I learn how to make Macchiato!

Last one is a post from New Year's Eve :)

 Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a good NYE :)


This is random, but I also went to an APAC gala in the beginning of the Summer.
I was the flag bearer for Indonesia's flag :)

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