Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Lolita Garments in My Wardrobe!

This is the new additions to my wardrobe,
all of these are the ones that is not pictured in my flickr wardrobe album except for Divine Cross, Stained Glass by AATP, and Vampire Requiem.
There are several new items that weren’t included in this pictures which are:
-Stolen Kiss, ForĂȘt profonde, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Holy Stained Glass, Twinkle Mermaid, Divine Cross (in blue,) Puppet Circus (skirt in white,) and Memorial Cake.
use (1)use (2)use (3)use (4)use (11)
use (5)
I am in the middle of buying the JSK on the right.
use (9)
New accessories except for the rilakkuma and the bunny ears.
use (7)
New detachable collars, earmuff, and scarfs:use (8)
These are not new but I never took a picture of them together:
use (6)
The bear on the right is one of my vintage rare collector bears. I wanted to get more of them because they are just so pretty!
use (10)
Some of my new dresses is over at either a friend’s place (we borrow each other’s clothes) or at Eric’s or at the dry cleaners so I cannot take pictures of them…         ;^;
You can use my pictures as long as you link it back to my blog (and if you can, please comment in this post and tell me where you post them)
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