Friday, May 4, 2012

Links to my Pinterest and Tumblr + my recent addition to my lolita wardrobe.

Just a quick update that I have been on Tumblr and Pinterest too:
If you follow me, please comment in this post so I know where you got the link from and will follow you back :D

Now let's get to more of the new items that I just got/reserved:

Juliette et Justine:
Stolen Kiss(pictured above)
Baiser de l'ange
~ベゼ ド ランジュ~
Painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Forêt profonde robe
~フォレ プロフォン~
From the Novel Undine, Chapter IX
Painting: Daniel Maclise

Cadrage robe
~カドラージュ ローブ~

Amour d'amants jupe
~アムール ダモン ローブ~

for this jupe, if anyone has a size 1 and would like the size 2, please leave a comment so we can trade! I will need your proof pictures and A LOT of feedbacks and proof that you have been active in the comm. :)

From Alice and The Pirates, I got Queen's Coach high waisted corset skirt in Ivory  along with its headbow and socks.

From Metamorphose, I got Blooming Garden OP in pink. If anyone has the JSK in black or yellow, please contact me if you are interested in trading :)

From Angelic Pretty, I got Sugary Carnival Skirt in pink and Rose Toilette OP in pink (if anyone wants to trade the Rose Toilette OP in pink to the JSK in either red, pink, or mint, please contact me)

From not strictly lolita items, I got a couple of things from Jesus Diamante (one of them was this wonderful white fur shawl that I used for the tea party photoshoot a post down,) Tralala, and also from La Parfait.

For my other purchases that I never put in here:
Moi Meme Moitie:
Silent Moon JSK in black x white
Holy Stained Window JSK in black x silver
Divine Cross skirt in black x gold
Holy Queen JSK in black x white (I traded my old one and regretted it so I buy another one haha)

That is the highlights of my newest purchase. I will update it with pictures whenever I am done with school (hopefully before I go to Indonesia and Europe this summer.)

Oh, and I am planning on selling/trading my Puppet Circus skirt in ivory since it is too big for me ;_;)
if you are interested and have a decent feedback, please contact me.

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