Monday, February 21, 2011

What I have been up to >_<)JJs?

First, I have been in the mood for cooking jellies and making juices. pixel (244)
For jelly, I made green colored Jelly & it turned out that we don’t have any jelly moldings so glasses have to make do…
DSCN2002  DSCN2003

For juices, I have been making tomato juice, apple juice, 
apple + oatmeal juice (my dad made me drink it,pixel (273)
and apple + tomato + carrot juice (I dislike raw carrot but if it is combined with apple and tomato the taste of the raw carrot disappear.)

For snacks, I have been cooking dumplings and BBQ’d shrimps & veggie, they are easy to make and yummy!

I also have been buying roasted seaweed & eat it either by itself or making onigiris and then add it to the onigiris.

I also have been getting some Meiji’s Strawberry Meltyblend

This strawberry delicious ball thingy

I also have these orange Chinese candy that I don't like >.>)

This delicious Lychee jelly >_<)*

and some juices like mangosteen juice, dragon fruit juice, and basil seed juice.
 (I can only got a pic of the dragon fruit juice though...)

<pic will be updated later>
The basil seed juice will be used to make bird’s nest dessert,
I might post a tutorial on how to make that since it is really easy!
pixel (275)

For events that has been happening:
My dad’s old friend came and visited us for three days, he is from San Fransisco >_<)
We went to the Martin Luther King Jr’s museum, it was a great place!
Next we went to Helen, GA. It is like a little old German town, they have carriages!pixel (265)
I cannot wait for Spring so I can go tubing in there!
(pictures by Om Peter)

Later on, we ate at Sakura, a Japanese restaurant at Marietta.
We are a frequent customer & this time luckily I remember to bring a camera to show you the good food!

For more information, please look at the side bar of my blog.
I highly recommend this restaurant~

The owner is our friend so he came and talk to us about stuff, it was fun and the food was amazingly delicious, we had about 10 rolls and an appetizer LOL

We started with tuna tataki and some edamame.

Sakura Sushi Tuna Salad Roll for Spring Special!
Then we continue with Om Tim's (the owner) Tuna Salad Roll,
it is a special roll for Spring!

This is another special but I forgot the name... hehe

IMG_0693 IMG_0690 IMG_0695

(left) Bang Bang, Four Season, IDK the name... (right)
(I forgot to take the pics of the rest of the rolls)pixel (314)

Today, I went to Intermezzo Café with Koko Martin and Mei Mei,
we ordered 4 different type of foods and 4 different type of drinks.
I don’t know why we Chinese Indonesian eat so much,
we practically went out to eat almost everyday in Indonesia 
and about once a week in here haha
pixel (313)

We had Spinach Dip, Lasagna, Crepes SUZETTE, and STRAWBERRY MASCARPONE Crepes.
For drinks we got Irish Coffee Liquor, two fruity drinks that I forgot the name of, and one really yummy and creme chocolate drink that I always get whenever I go there but I always forget the name of....

Also, I was practicing on putting make up make up:

I think I am starting to get a hang of how to put it on…
I have been really careful so I haven’t poked my eye with the eye-stuff pixel (457)
(IDK whats the name of the eye-stuff though…)
I hope I can keep on practicing, with my age I should’ve been able to put on make-up by myself a long time ago *shakes head*

I think that’s it for today,
I hope you enjoyed your weekend too and happy President’s Day!
pixel (233)
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