Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Atlanta Lolita High Tea Meetup

Last month we had our annual Atlanta Lolita High Tea Meetup. It was such a fun meetup,
I had a really good time from when I pick my outfit until the end of it
which ended up in karaoke LOL~

The hotel is lovely as usual, and the tea is delicious; however,
because we have twice as many people as last year we
couldn’t do the tea smell taste like last year.
We had almost 50 people I think,
it was very fun!

I didn’t get to greet everyone, but I made some new friends YAY!pixel (29)


New frieeeedsss

My table
I was eating pixel (458) when the picture is taken… hahapixel (323)
pixel (73)_001Ashley, Laffi, Eden, Jessica, Malice, Mai, and Stephaniepixel (73)_001


pixel (74)_001Everyonepixel (74)_001

With our lovely host, Andrea B. and with Robin W., a lolita from Alabama.
Honestly, I feel so underdressed,, a lot of people are going all out in Rococo like
Andrea, Robin, Amber, Stephanie, and…
Megan Maude
Please please ignore my derpy face and take a look at Megan’s awesome one instead..
I am such a fan & I was being such a total dork when I asked for picture…
pixel (89)
Hey, she is so pretty and talented, I cannot help it ok? pixel (305)

pixel (15)

Ok, that is it for now! Have a good day everyone~
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