Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Atlanta Lolita Meetup in SunO

SunO is an Asian dessert place near H Mart (an Asian grocery Store)
where you can get about anything you need for cooking Asian food.
I love how they have a big section for tea and snacks
I heard that American people said Asian drink their tea like they drink water,
I think there is some truth in that statement because honestly,
if I have to drink tea instead of water all the time,
I think I'm going to be fine (haha)
A~nyway, back to the meetup pics ~!!!

With Ree (irontealeaf)

With Takuma
err... I was actually going to bite his neck, but he has no idea of what is going on so he didn't act his part out,
I like how the pic ended up being though

Those are the ones I came with and I also came with mei mei but she is not in this pic ;-;

Mei Mei, looking SO ADORABLE :want nom want nom:
back to the story  ^-^);

We also had truth or dare (which changed to dare or dare after a while...)
Here are the ones who lose (we played card game because I brought my Disney Princess cards)

Amy's pose of defeat

Debbi's dare (and she had to ask the employee's number) LOL

(You can see the rest in the atl comm)

Our car was.. very pleasantly filled with K-Pops afterwards;
and Takuma went crazy with SHINee's Ring Ding Dong song,
until there are two cars that noticed us the most and they are extremely
amused but also scared at the same time,
we laughed so hard looking at their expression watching Takuma's... er... "dancing"
I already post the pic of SunO's crepe on here before,
this time I got an Oreo Crepe which is SO DELICIOUS
After eating so many desert (I tried Takuma's Egg Pudding Coffee Crepe and Eirene's Milk Tea)
we went to H Mart with Amy (amethystcitrine), her friend, and Ree.
I think they were enjoying the shopping (I hope they did) >_<)oo

I'm glad the meetup went well !!!

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