Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thank you so much everyone ^o^


Last Sunday my family and I went to Sakura,
a sushi restaurant owned by my father's friend.
When we went there, they gave us two small Christmas packages !!!
Me and Eirene opened it today,
we are so happy !!! >o<)v

I haven't had the chance to take a picture of mine, but this is Eirene's


The snacks were yummy !!!
Eirene gave me the strawberry one,
I love you Eirene

We also got a Godiva holiday package from my father's friend
 Look so delicious :grabby hand:

Oooh, also. also, also, last time we went to Eirene's friend birthday party,

and look what we got !!!
 Her mom made especially for the occassion,
isn't that sweet

Now, the most mysterious present of all
He gave me a Christmas present so I can have something that I can open on the 25th,
thank you so much Takuma

I am very looking forward to open it,
he said I cannot open it until Xmas, and that makes me want to open it moaaar
can't wait ;-;

 Merry Christmas everyone


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