Sunday, April 5, 2015

An Afternoon Tea with The Alabama Lolitas

I hope everyone has been doing well, I know that in GA the weather is very volatile so it is very easy to get sick, take an extra vitamin C to boost up your immunity!
I went to Alabama this weekend and had a sleepover at Serena's with Robin, Brittney, Grace, and Nicole. I had such a fun time with them and I also got to finally meet Becca, Jessica, Caitlin, and Sequya at the afternoon tea meet over at Emma's Tea Room in Huntsville. If you have the time you should visit this place, the decor is very adorable and the staffs are very knowledgable and down to earth, I had such a great time and the food and tea was delicious!
For now I only have a couple of pictures since it just happened and most pictures hasn't been uploaded yet, but I will update this post as the pictures become available.

Thank you for reading!

Some new pictures just got uploaded, thank you Caitlin, Grace, & Eric!

I just noticed that a lot of my images are missing, I will try to reupload them when my desktop is back up, but it could take me a while, I'm sorry about that!

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