Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just a quick lolita update :)

Hello everyone, just had a quick update that I've been wanting to post.
We had a meetup at the Swan House which is the house of President Snow in the Hunger Games movie! That house was gorgeous, I love their hand painted wallpaper, antique chinas, and the stunning 1700s fireplace mantle that is still very much pristine...

An Atlanta Lolita is having a baby shower, and I can't wait for her to have her baby!!
-with Caitlin 💖

A tea party meet at jerrysugarav's place:
-with Artie ❤️

- and with Kyla 💕

Sub-culture day at my Fashion History class with Alina:

And the last one is a picture of about less than 50% my Lolita wardrobe that just got moved to my new place.
Not all of it moved with me because of space constraint, but I have to have them close to me...

Happy Easter
-with family on Easter

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