Friday, January 21, 2011

New Daily Lolita Post

whipcreambunn Osanpo Candy Chan


Hello everyone
It has been a while since I last posted, I hope all of you are well
We have been experiencing an unusual snow storm here in GA and the road froze (we also have 6 inch snow which is super rare here in GA *O*) and now since the weather is clearer and my internet is more stable I can post again YAY!

Here is an outfit from the latest meetup which is an ice skating meet:

whipcreambunn Osanpo Candy Chan

whipcreambunn Osanpo Candy Chan

We took this pics just for fun, my friend said it looks like a final boss in a lolita RPG LOL

whipcreambunn Osanpo Candy Chan

... and at the end of the game...
whipcreambunn Osanpo Candy Chan

This one is from the Sanrio tour, I really like that car, so small and cute

whipcreambunn Cherry Berry Bunny

This one is from loli-day, make up by [info]wunderfluff  (I like it a lot! *u*)
The bunny ears is from BTSSB, it is actually an ear muff (which I need so badly because it was FREEZING)

whipcreambunn Sugary Carnival

That is all for today, I hope you can have fun & enjoy your weekend to the fullest, take care

Actually... I have a question for you all...
Since it seems like the ladies in D_L are very knowledgable about make up,
can you tell me what is my undertone?
I have been told that just because I am Asian=yellow it doesn't mean that I have a warm undertone...
If you can help me I will forever be grateful!

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