Friday, June 11, 2010

My Room and Milky Chan the Fawn


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That is my room

I just cleaned it out so now I can take pictures in it

The kitty on the left is Uji, the big brown x cream puppy is Moccha, and the black x brown puppy is Nico (nick name: Choco)10155_d


Near my bed, I kept a mannequin display:


Here are the outfit for the day pictures, some of them still have the novels that I forgot to put away after reading 43138



I tried to match it with my Hime Gyaru items so I choose my Jesus Diamante bolero to go with it,

I’m glad it came out nice 13244_d

Thank you for looking

pixel (102)  bye2~

13243_d 13243_d 13243_d

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