Monday, January 25, 2010

Planning for a lolita Valentine Party

I am thinking of holding a lolita Valentine party
and I already have a few plans for the event, it could be:

  •  Exchanging chocolates
  • Making the chocolate together and then eat together while watching a movie and drinking fruit punch or juice (maybe margarita or Baileys for the one who wants it... or do you prefer no alcohol?)
but my problem is: where is it going to be held???

Any suggestion???
Maybe held it in a bakery (there is this.. French bakery that I really love)???
What about if we go karaoke and  exchange ourchocolates there???

I kind of do not want to hold it in a restaurant because I have another plan that has to do with Dim Sum restaurant down at the Asia Town for another meetup...

If we decided to make chocolate, my house is not very accommodating because so many Asian spices and stuff being stocked inside the fridge and we cannot put the chocolate there, and we don't have American stuff that might be needed for making chocolate...
If someone can help me with the place (or *ehem*let-us-use-their-kitchen*ehem* something), I will be grateful.

Also, there is a problem where if we make the chocolate by our self, one or two accident might happen, and I don't want your precious lolita clothes to be ruined  ;^;


Any ideas/input?

Oh, also, although this is Valentine and the post is all pink and hearts and bunny,
this event is not only for sweet lolita, gothic, punk, classic lolitas are all welcome (in fact I might be a gothic lolits.. I'm not so sure yet..)

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