Friday, November 6, 2009

truth or DARE?

A few days ago, at a get together with friends, we were doing a truth or dare, and there was a question of who was your first love?
It got me thinking really hard, and then my answer was:that one guy who play in Casper!
Shita: Devon Sawa?
Me: I cannot remember names, you know that ;A;
Shita: I'm pretty sure its Devon Sawa!
Nana: I thought he is gay
Me: IDK, I just capture the him inside Casper (movie), so that (him as Casper) is the guy I like!
My friend that was playing Teken at the other room, Tomo, shouted: I remember you squee when he appear in the movie, and was so devastated when he kissed the girl.
Me: I hate this question ... T^T

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