Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ish not pleased today ;A;

We had a Statistic test on Monday,
and the car broke down, and when I called friends, they were already at school
I got pretty panicked around 11 because I have test at 1,
I managed to be able to get to school and arrived in class at 1:45
I did the test as fast as I could, and when the class finished at 2:15,
I finished the test, but I didn't have time to went over my answers.
Today in class, the guy that sat behind me said:
"Thank you for the answer for the last 3 numbers" xp
I was like ?_?
What??? NO!!!
I have no problem with people looking at my answer,
the only problem for me is: my teacher's policy
which is: if you gave out your answer or cheating, you got 0
I was like: so thats why the teacher was looking at us!!!
I do not want to get a 0
Why did he have to cheat anyway, I came 45 mins late!!!
When the teacher gave back tests today, mine and his were held back ...

So upset!!!

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