Friday, September 25, 2009

Some story from AWA pt 1

At AWA, I rarely wanders off by myself, I usually go around with a group or with a friend.
Sometime I do got separated or lost for a few minutes, then joined the group or try to go to my room
(my sense of direction is that of Ryoga-from Ranma 1/2)

Some people are asking for pics or hugs-I like hugs XD
anyway, back to story, there is this one guy who asked for a hug and then take my pic,
nothing unusual ... he was really careful and try not to squeeze too hard-which is good.
Later on, I found out that he was one of the person who commented on my pic somewhere~
He was like:
"I saw that sweet lolitaaaaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3 (stalked her for a while), anyone knows her???"
or something like that

It is a bit weird -___-|||

And there is also one girl that was like "*squee* can I hug you please???"
and I was like "sure" *get closer*
and then
She hugged me so hard it was a bit ouchie LOL
She is so cute though <3 she was like, "Sorry, I got too excited!" and then run LOL

Oh also, since I posted my pic on DL, a girl told me that she took a pic of me then run.
I was like "D'awww, I wanna meet you..."
She is so cute >o<
She ease me from my "OMG I'm posting on DL *scared*"-nervousness..
I'm always afraid someone will comment on my post and said: "YOU SUCK" or something...
Not that I will think I do suck (I think I am on the average-normal side), but it will make my day go bad D:

Picture above by Nikki >_<)o

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