Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lolita & Life Updates :D

Atlanta Lolita High Tea Party at Four Season Hotel

This is past Sunday was our Annual High Tea Party where about 54 Atlanta Lolitas were present,
I believe our number is supposed to be about around 110ish; however, the hotel cannot accommodate all of us hence not everyone can come :(

It was great to be able to meet with so many friends all at the same time,
and not to mention their Fruit Tea is soooo delightful!!!
I have it every year and planning on getting the same thing next year.
Truthfully, since our group was pretty big they didn't put all their tea selections on the menu;
however, I really want their fruit tea which tasted like fruit punch+tea so I asked the waitress whether or not I can get it and since she knew right away what I wanted she said she can arrange that for me and walla!
Me and pandasaurus got the same tea and Stephanie and Eric got the Chai Tea.
Chai is not my favorite kind of tea. The really strong herb taste of it that reminds me of Chinese medicine, and it's just not my cup of tea...

 In my table there was pandasaurus, Stephanie, and Eric.
They decided to not put all of us in one big table anymore and I think that is a splendid idea because it's easier to move about in petticoat that way xD

 Pandasaurus always looks soooo pretty!

 as usual I asked to get at least one picture taken with Megan,
for those of you who read my entry on last year's tea party knows I adore her so much!
Please check out her Etsy or contact her thru PM if you want to commission any lolita clothings,
her designs are always very pretty.

 Anddd,, that is Dani, I am very happy she wears Kodona again,
not only that she looks really good in it, her coordinations are always so fresh to see~

Now for outfit pictures:
Thank God the blusher veil that I made turned out good~

Now for random pictures and group pictures:

Next is a few pictures from Megan's Holiday Cookie Exchange meetups:

Life updates:

A couple of.. months(?) ago I went to the World of Coca Cola in Downtown Atlanata,
if you come to Atlanta, you should check this place out! They have a variety of Coca Cola products from around the world, and the one from China, Japan, and Korea is soooo tasty~


This is from back in October where I dressed up as a witch and Eric as Dr. Evil xDD


I also went to Harry Potter World in Universal Studio, Orlando, Florida.
 I usually do not like roller coaster rides because I'm terrified of heights;
however, this one is just too much fun I can ride it over and over again!

Oh, we also met the fantastic Mr. Wolverine <3

After that we went dolphin watching (video might be updated later)

Now for random outfit picture for the dolphin watching :p

Next is some pictures from Christmas time, I was in my church's Choir and we sang Hallelujah,
that song... was mighty hard... The constant up and down of the pitch often got me confused >.>)
you will know what I meant if you sang the Soprano part... If you are in Alto, you are so lucky!!

My kids from Sunday School, they look sooo cute in those dress!

And... a random pic of my dad on stage delivering the sermon :)

 Wow, I just realized how long this post is, but since it's all pictures it's not that bad right? :p
After this, I will post the pictures of my current obsession... COOKING
Soooo... for those of you on diet, do not click the upcoming post that I will post next week.
I think the post after that should be safe though xD
Thank you for looking~

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