Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Latest Buy: BCBG and Juicy x Liz Lisa


Last Sunday I went shopping with another Atlanta Lolita,
Andrea Baker (you can find her blog here: http://andreanicolebaker.blogspot.com/ )
We went to a couple of our favorite stores (one of it was White | Black)
where Andrea got a really classy and gorgeous skirt!
She looks very pretty in it so I told her that she has to get it >_<)
Yes, I am an enabler haha 
After that we went to Vince Camuto where I got 3 pairs of heels
I was sooo happy
I gave one pair to my sister, I hope she likes it haha
Now, enough with the stories, lets see more pics!


A long while ago I also bought a Juicy purse that I intended to use with this Liz Lisa outfit:
  I LOVE that Swimmer bow watch, I will take a pic of it sometime

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