Monday, April 5, 2010

Wheeee~ Haven’t posted in quite a while xP

IMG_0397 (2)
pix (129)pix (129)
pix (129)
A lot of my stuff from Indonesia arrived so I am happy! pix (206)
I forgot what is the name of this skirt, I will ask around if I ever post this in daily_lolita~pix (215)pix (215)pix (215)
It is such a lovely skirt with alot of chiffon and laces and tulle ~~pix (222)
pix (226) By the way, this past week has been very up and down for me pix (226)
The down part is because some unimportant person made a drama  
and dragged me into it… pix (266)
She thinks I sent my friends to get her, but I have never done that pix (226)_pix (226)
I have tried my best to rectify the situation, but it seems like its not working…  pix (265)
Uuuuhh, enough about the drama… Its a two weeks drama and its gonna be a looooong story if I tell it here…
Talking about lolita, beside the skirt I also got an Angelic Pretty crownpix (269)
It is so gorgeous with lots of pearls,, rhinestones (there is three rhinestones heart too)
and it also has lots of laces, and a rosepix (278)

~so pretty~ I love it xDDD

It is a bit heavy though, so I have to be really careful when I’m wearing it… pix (438)

I will post an outfit pic from yesterday's party later, but for now this is it~

Happy Easter everyone ~
pix (432)
pix (129)pix (129)
pix (129)

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