Friday, March 26, 2010

Have you ever like something that is unsuitable for you?

I really love kodona,
but with my type of face and body, I will look horrible in it.
It is kind of sad since I love Alice and the Pirates' vests,
BPN and PN stuff,
and I even love Armani suits,
but my body type will not suit those clothes,
and I do not want to ruin those beauties by trying them on...

For now, I think I will just be content with looking other people using them.
Talking about girls in suits,
Ayu ( looked really good in a suit on Momocon
its a pity that I do not have a pic of her T^T
I regret not taking pics of her outfit...
and I cannot find any pictures where she is being "serious",
all of the pics that I found are either blurry or her having silly faces xDDD

Talking about boys stuff, I love this room:

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