Sunday, January 17, 2010

MoMoCon Winter Ball

pix (83)
I ended up wearing my Starry Night Theater for the Ball,
I will post pictures as soon as the photographer post it in his website
(hopefully I can find it) pix (496)
It was a fun Ball !!!
pix (671)I went with Takuma, Andrew, and Victor; and I met Tiffany, Phillip, Eden (a new lolita friend, she was wearing pink Fruit Parlor and was very adorable !!!), Poko (hope I spell that right) and his fiancée,
I did not get to meet Sam & [info]zitronecs T^T
(hopefully I can see both of them next time…)
Now I should sleep, my head is kind of dizzy because I am putting up my hair in a way I’m not used topixel (1)
(its  weird but it made my head go fuzzy LOL)
Anyway, I am very looking forward for the High Tea Party in Four Season,
if my Wonder Party came before that, I might use it
(since apparently I cannot rise my arm/move much with Starry Night Theater LOL)
Hmmmm, have to tell Andrea-chan about it!
pix (83)
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