Sunday, November 15, 2009

Internal debate on Dreamy Doll House

AP's new print, Dreamy Doll House, have made me having an internal debate...
  • On one side, its sooooo adorable !!!
I love all the bunnies there
The hat boxes that resembles Shirley Temple's and Emily Temple Cute's novelty boxes are just awesome (I try to collect them)
Bunnies all over
Pony stretching on the bed
The rounded neck JSK is backless !!! I just love creative style of JSKs
  •  On one side a few things are just... bugging me...
The print is too pastel-y, you can barely see anything, even memorial cake is more recognizable than this print
The bed is too huge and its right on the center of the dress, worst of all, I am very into black sweet dress, and the bed is most visible on the black version TAT);
This one is my own personal issue, and is not applicable for most people but: I am scared of mice ... even though the one on the dress is very adorable, I cannot stand it still ... especially since its yellow ...

So even though there are 5and 3
I still opted out from it ... too many things that disturb me on the dress will just make me put off using the dress, and I dont want it to sit on my closet collecting dust ...

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