Sunday, October 25, 2009

Truth or Dare at the slumber party after the surprise party

WoW I partied a looooooot lately!!
Well, yesterday after finished the surprise party, we move on to a slumber party where Akashi, Victor, Andrew Park, Kim, Joshua slept over.
Before we sleep, we watch Anchor Man (I am so confused, but sometimes I got the joke!
American joke (ENglish) is so hard to get...) anyway, after Anchor Man, we played cards, we play lots of card games LOL
When we finished with card...
Everyone is very excited!
First few rounds went normal..
After that everything start getting crazy where Kim the mastermind of good questions,
and Akashi, the best dare maker ever, start showing off their ability..
Kim's questions are just... right on the truth that people dont wanna share. Akashi's dare is just...
ridiculously impossible!
He made Andrew do all sorts of dare, until one dare, he couldn't do it,
and he has to answer the question he doesn't want to answer at all: who is your crush currently.
Oh we had fun!!
After a few more rounds, we play BS game, and hmmm... I forgot who won LOL
I love card games <3
Then we went to sleep at like.. 4 oclock in the morning LOL
I had to wake up early for church, but Kim and Joshua stayed and slept in, because they have to drive back to South Carolina right after that ;A;
Thank you so much for coming guys!
I wish I had taken more pics :A;
I hope to see you soon!!

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