Monday, September 28, 2009

~ singing ~

 I had to sing for an event last Sunday,
and because the coordinator said, "Wear either red or white!!"
I just had to try my new JSK!! >o<
I planned to go all shiro-lolita for it but after thinking for a while, I dont want my precious white shoes to get dirty (its kind of outdoor) so, I combine a few blacks on it and made it normal ourtfit.
It went bad because of some technical issues with the microphone ;A;
Overall though, our group did an ok job (considering we only practiced for 2 days) and my friends choose some cute choreography so I'm happy doing it (they know I dont like the complicated choreograph LOL)
Towards the end of the song, we didnt even care about the audience and just had fun on the stage LOL


~The End~
Where we just didn't care about the audiencE

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