Thursday, February 3, 2011


_MG_3308 copy

 My photographer, Naomi Smith, is finally done with the pictures..
Under the break will be the pictures of all the cocktail hats and fascinators that I made.
I have been interested in millinery for a long time, I’m glad I’m finally done.

Christhea Amanda

Millinery Works

_MG_3308 copy
_MG_3306 copy_MG_3316 copy_MG_3312 copy

This piece is made with the image of a romantic candlelight dinner…
_MG_3303 copy
_MG_3302 copy
_MG_3291 copy_MG_3294 copy

_MG_3346 copy
_MG_3350 copy_MG_3347 copy

This piece is inspired by a lavender field.
_MG_3332 copy
_MG_3329 copy_MG_3331 copy

_MG_3352 copy
_MG_3279 copy_MG_3276 copy_MG_3353 copy
_MG_3355 copy_MG_3356 copy_MG_3280 copy

This piece is inspired by Midsummer Night’s Dream.
_MG_3359 copy
_MG_3361 copy_MG_3360 copy

This piece is actually a prototype but it comes out really great so I don’t know whether or not I will make the real thing…
It was inspired by mori style.
_MG_3321 copy
_MG_3324 copy

This crown is inspired by the Queen of Heart.
_MG_3370 copy
_MG_3371 copy_MG_3369 copy
_MG_3367 copy

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