Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watched Sherlock Holmes

I am sure you are familiar with Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
I have been fascinated by Sherlock Holmes stories since I was in Middle School;
actually, Sherlock Holmes is the biggest motivator for me to learn English.
As an Asian middle schooler I was confused beyond words when I tried to read high level English novels like Sherlock Holmes,
and thus I was determined to learn English so I can read my favorite series in its original language.
Robert Downey Jr. played a wonderful Sherlock, although there are some part of Downey's Sherlock that does not quite agree with the Sherlock that I had in mind,
but those variations are part of the excitement that I got while watching the movie.
I really love the part where the camera freeze for a second before Holmes strike his opponent and gave a slow motion of Holmes analyzing the steps that he will take and  its effect on his opponent.
Another thing that I found different than my fantasy's stage is Watson.
He is supposed to be a bit on the chubby side and Jude Law is not chubby at all; moreover, Watson is not supposed to be good at fighting... in the movie he seems to be very agile and used to fighting....
I am quite confused as why Guy Ritchie wants Watson to be like that.
I was very pleased with Rachel McAdams who played as Irene Adler,
the only woman in this detective series who was able to fascinate Holmes (and outsmarted him too a few times). She is very pretty and she played her role very well.
All in all, I am very pleased with the movie, and I adore how they inserted the slow motion analyzation of movement's impact that Holmes did.
It was an amazing movie, I hope you can find a time to watch it, it is definitely worth it !!!

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