Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fun Day

Today is "Student Study Day" = HOLIDAY
So I am happy to stay home and decided that I should take my time on deciding:

"what would be my hairstyle for half of the day?"

I ended up choosing the last one ^v^

The last one is actually different than the second one because I made a bun with half of the hair,
but a phone cam cannot show it ;A;
I seriously need to save up money for a camera ...

After that for the other half of the day I dressed up in Gothic Lolita
(sadly did not take a picture of it)
Because I was bored, I called Akashi and ask him if he can come pick me up so we can go hang out somewhere.
Victor (who was with Akashi att) cannot come with us though ;A;
We ended up going to the mall ^o^
(Mall story is for another post)
Not so many people stare at me, but then again, people in the South (especially in the area where I live) are sooooooo nice!!

Today was very fun!!!

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